How to Educate Clients on Emerging Risks and Trends

7 Ways to Educate Your Clients

Keeping clients apprised of emerging risks is one of the most important services a broker can provide – aside from helping them acquire quality coverage at a great price and assisting them with claims.

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Be proactive, strategic, and anticipate your clients needs

Helping clients anticipate what’s around the corner can put your agency on a whole new growth trajectory. Assuming you stay on top of evolving issues that will impact your clients’ businesses, how do you deliver strategic advice in a consultative manner? Here are seven things you can do to proactively educate clients on emerging risks and trends.

  • Assess and understand your clients' needs
  • Understand market conditions, trends, and emerging risks
  • Help clients stay focused on their businesses
  • Show clients a variety of options and educate them on trade-offs
  • Demonstrate effective two-way communication
  • Manage client resistance
  • Provide contunual risk management education

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